Give Your Face A Massage That Will Revolumize

Give Your Face A Massage That Will Revolumize

Give your face a rejuvenating massage.
Massages that slow down the ageing process have been around for a while. Our appearance lasts longer when the epidermis is massaged and stimulated. The potent mixture? To prevent drooping in its tracks, use a revitalising therapy! So prepare your fingers now... After cleaning up in the evening, a massage is wonderful. Here is our step-by-step tutorial on how to build volume and define your facial contours using facial massage.

- Smear a small amount of a hyaluronic acid-containing night cream across your cheekbones using a dollop on each hand.

- Continue to apply it to the remainder of your face using your fingertips.

- Put your fingertips on either side of your forehead, then use your thumbs and index fingers to gently push the skin.

- Next, gently press down towards your eyelids. - Repetition will help to smooth out any frown lines.

- Use the Jacquet pinching method to gently rejuvenate your cheeks and cheekbones, tear troughs, and any bags beneath your eyes. This technique increases circulation.

- Holding your hands on either side of your nose, massage across your cheekbones with your index fingers.

- Continue by blending upwards towards your temples.

- Position your thumbs in front of each ear, then use your bent index fingers to press down on your chin's midline.

- Extend your index fingers in the direction of your ears. Finish your revitalising massage by rubbing cream over the remaining skin on your face with the sides of your hands, working from the inside out. Repeat this massage whenever you have a few minutes to spare before applying your cream. The cells in your skin will be prepared to absorb all of its benefits.

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