Our Story

Mall of Salon has emerged as the ultimate destination for salon owners, makeup artists, and individual makeup enthusiasts, offering a vast marketplace with top-notch brands at wholesale prices. This groundbreaking brand is transforming the salon industry by providing comprehensive solutions, including training and setting up salons with world-class equipment and internationally branded products, all at industry-competitive wholesale prices.

Mr Vikas Joshi Founder & CEO of Mall of Salon along with Mrs Manini Shah, the founder and COO of Mall of Salon, is at the helm and brings with her 15 years of expertise as a makeup artist and educator. Manini became inspired by her mother, a well-known makeup artist, who helped her realise the many obstacles that prospective professionals must overcome, including a lack of training and the difficulty of opening their own salons with the latest tools and supplies at competitive costs and generating the revenue. In order to provide the cosmeceutical and salon industries with affordable solutions, she optimised 15+ international brands to the distribution chain by getting rid of middlemen.

Manini's knowledge has had an impact on numerous people's lives in addition to the industry. She has successfully mentored more than 1000+ women entrepreneurs, enabling them to launch their own makeup artistry studios and salons.

Manini created an online brand and network for salon owners, artists, and cosmetics enthusiasts in collaboration with CEO Mr. Vikas Joshi. With speedy shipment and extra training, Mall of Salon offers a one-stop shop for salon goods at a low price. The Mall of Salon brand, which presently processes more than 1200 orders every day, has completely changed the game for salon business owners.

Mall of Salon has established itself as the go-to site for professionals and hobbyists alike because to its outstanding combination of wholesale rates, training, and a broad selection of high-quality products. The salon sector is constantly being redefined by this trailblazing brand, catapulting it into a new era of prosperity and innovation.